Ádám Berta

Ádám Berta holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Literary Theory And Interpretation, Master of Arts in English Literature And Language, Master of Arts in Hungarian Literature And Language. He has been...

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Ana Luísa Amaral

Of Fiction Which is Everything

“Fiction and the Dream”. This is the name of the exquisite short text-statement by John Banville on the process of literary creation. And I...

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Aris Marangopoulos

ARIS MARANGOPOULOS (in Greek spelled Maragkopoulos, b. Athens, 1948) is a Greek author, literary critic and translator. He studied History and Archeology at the University of Athens,...

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August Bover

AUGUST BOVER (Barcelona, Catalonia, 1949) is Professor Emeritus of Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona and a member of the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC). As a poet, and...

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Bel Olid

Bel Olid (Mataró, Maresme, 1977) is a writer, translator and lecturer in Literature Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

She has been very active as a translator into...

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Carmen Boullosa

Carmen Boullosa (Mexico City, 1954) is one of Mexico's leading novelists, poets, and playwrights. She has published fifteen novels, the most recent of which are El complot de los...

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Claudio Magris

Claudio Magris is an Italian scholar, translator and writer. His first book on the Habsburg myth in modern Austrian literature rediscovered central European literature. His journalistic...

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Corin Braga

The Continuous Dream

Certain dreams of my nights spread out a hypnotic glow. For a long time after I awaken they stay on my retina like a neon drawing...

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Georgi Gospodinov

Tripe soup, Scheherazade and Nightmares


What Can Literature Still Do


We had been fed the secrets of the...

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Hernán Lara Zavala

Hernán Lara Zavala is a short story writer, novelist and essayist. One of the leading voices in the Mexican literary scene, he was awarded the Iberian-American Novel Prize Elena Poniatowska, in...

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Jonas Ellerström

Jonas Ellerström (b. 1958) is a Swedish poet, essayist, translator and publisher. He has among other books translated T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and James Joyce’s Epiphanies, as well as...

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Luca Ricci

I sogni hanno pochissima fantasia. Se ci pensate succedono sempre le stesse cose nei sogni. Sono piacevoli o spiacevoli, i protagonisti siamo quasi sempre noi, i luoghi sono ameni (l’amenità è...

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Matti Kangaskoski

Matti Kangaskoski is a Finnish poet, scholar & performer. Matti has published two books of poetry and a novel, and is currently working on a poetry book that explores the limits of...

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Paul Claes


*Book: Ali Baba’s cave

*Book: alibi

*Book: almanac of all seasons

*Book: alternative...

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Philippe Le Guillou

Philippe Le Guillou is a French writer, who was born in Le Faou in Brittany, in 1959 and who has so far written over 20 novels and a dozen essays bearing on literature, memory, artistic creation...

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